The OCEANS 2023 Limerick event agenda will be continuously updated to reflect Plenary Presentations,
Exhibitor Track Presentations, Special Sessions, and other calendar items as they are scheduled.

LINK : Technical Programme Schedule at glance   (preliminary)

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General poster session

08.00– 19.00

Registration, University Concert Hall

09.00-12.30 Tutorials & Workshops, ½ day and full day.
check full schedule here
12.30 -13.30 SPC & tutorials attendees lunch (light lunch Eden restaurant,  M Level Main building)
13.00-15.00 Student Poster Competition Orientation
Location: Room EM010, Main Building
13.30-16.30 Tutorials & Workshops, ½ day and full day.
check full schedule here
16.00-18.00 OES/MTS Student Mixer
Join us for the Student Mixer! Meet your fellow students and student poster competitors in a casual setting for networking, food and drinks. Young Professionals and leaders from the Oceanic Engineering Society and Marine Technology Society will be there to orient you to the OCEANS conference and guide you on how to get the most out of your week.
Location: Stables Club, University of Limerick
17.30-19.30 Icebreaker welcome reception
University Concert Hall Atrium
TUESDAY 6th JUNE THEME: Offshore Wind, Carbon Neutral Energy by 2050
08.00– 17.00

Registration, University Concert Hall (UCH)

08.50-11.00 OCEANS Opening and Welcome
Welcome by UL president / other dignitaries

Plenary I: Offshore Wind, Carbon Neutral Energy by 2050
Keynote: Una Brosnan, Head of Offshore Strategy & New Markets, Mainstream Renewable Power
Moderator: Liam Lacey, Director of the Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO)
Expert Panel:
Philip Cole, Director of Industrial Affairs, WindEurope
Peter Lefroy, Director of RWE Renewables Ireland
Noel Cunniffe, Wind Energy Ireland
Jeannine Dunne,
Head of Marine Advisory GDG
Jerry Hallissey, Head of Business Development for Shannon Foynes Port

Location: University Concert Hall (UCH)

11.00-11.20 Short Break (UCH Atrium)
11.20 -11.50

Future OCEANS conferences:

  • OCEANS 2023 Gulf Coast
  • OCEANS 2024 Singapore
  • OCEANS 2025 Brest

Location: University Concert Hall (UCH)

11.50-12.00 Exhibition Opening (ribbon cutting)
12.00-13.20 Lunch (Exhibition Marquee)
SPC Competition (Exhibition Marquee)
13.20-15.00 Technical sessions (Parallel)
13.30-15.00 Special panel:  Green Shipping
Location: Jean Monnet Theatre, Main Building



Break (Exhibition Marquee)
SPC Competition (Exhibition Marquee)
Atlantic Canada Reception
15.40-17.40 Technical sessions (Parallel)
17.30-18.30 OES UK and IE Chapter meeting
Location: Room EM010, Main Building
17.30-19.30 Exhibition reception (Exhibition Marquee)


WEDNESDAY 7th JUNE THEME: Sustainable Commercial Use of Seas and Oceans
07.30 – 09.00

OES/MTS Young Professionals breakfast and panel

Location: EG010, Main Building

08.00 – 17.00

Registration hours (UCH)

09.00-10.40 Plenary II: Sustainable Commercial Use of Seas and Oceans
Keynote: Mary Crowley, President Ocean Voyages Institute
Moderator: Fausto Ferreira, Assistant Prof University of Zagreb 

Expert Panel:
Prof Karen Wiltshire, Vice Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute
Prof Richard Neilson, Director UK National Decommissioning Centre
Kimberly Blakemore, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Analog Devices
Gerard Dooly, Co-director Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems, UL
George Kallimasiotis, Commercial Manager at Resolve Marine Group

Location: University Concert Hall (UCH)

10.40-11.10 Break Exhibition (Exhibition Marquee)
SPC Competition (Exhibition Marquee)
11.10 -12.50 Technical sessions (Parallel)
11.10 -12.40

Town Hall- Accelerating Technology Development to Address Climate Change: New Types of Partnerships and Funding

Location: Jean Monnet Theatre, Main Building UL

12.40-14.00 Lunch  (Exhibition Marquee)
SPC Competition (Exhibition Marquee)
14.00-15.40 Technical sessions (Parallel)
15.40-16.20 Networking Break Exhibition (Exhibition Marquee)
SPC Competition (Exhibition Marquee)
16.20-17.40 Technical sessions (Parallel)
18.20-22.00 Gala dinner
THURSDAY 8th JUNE THEME: Ocean Health and Resilience
07.30 – 09.00

IEEE OES Women in Engineering Breakfast and Panel
Location: Room EG010, Main Building

08.00– 14.00

Registration (UCH)

09.00-10.40 Plenary III: Ocean Health and Resilience
Keynote:  Peter Heffernan, Ocean Ambassador & Member of the Board of the Oceano Azul Foundatio. Board Member EU Mission Board ‘Restore Our Ocean and Waters by 2030’.

Moderator: Karen Coleman, Award Winning Irish Journalist

Expert Panel:
Craig N. McLean, Former Chief Scientist and Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Assistant Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Sigi Gruber,  Active Senior Advisor European Commission
Carol Anne Clayson,  Director for Research Strategy and Innovation WHOI and  Senior Scientist, WHOI
Paul Connolly, CEO Marine Institute Ireland

Location: University Concert Hall

10.40 -11.10 Break Exhibition
11.10 -12.50 Technical sessions (Parallel)
11.10-12.40 Special panel: Fair solutions in engineering for sustainable oceans
Location: Jean Monnet Theatre, Main Building
12.30-14.00 MTS Women Leadership in Marine Technology and Science Lunch and Panel:
Women and the Ocean Decade
Location: Room EG010, Main Building
12.40-14.00 Lunch – Exhibition Close
(SPC award at 13.40)
14.00-15.40 Technical sessions (Parallel)
15.40-16.00 Break
16.00-17.40 Technical sessions (Parallel)

Innovation Theatre
Schedule at a Glance

Tuesday,  6th June:
12.50 – 13.20
15.10 -18.10

Wednesday,  7th June:
10.50 – 12.20
13.30 – 15.00
15.50 – 17.20

Thursday, 8 th June:
10.40 – 12.40

Exhibit Hall Hours at a Glance

Tuesday, June 6:
11.50 – 19.30 OPEN
15.00-15.40 Break
17.00 – 19.30 Exhibitors Reception

Wednesday, June 7:
8.30-18.30 OPEN
10.40 -11.10 Morning Break
12:40-14.00 Lunch
15.40 – 16.20 Afternoon Break

Thursday, June 8:
8.00-15.30 OPEN
10.40 -11:10 Morning Break
12:50-14.00 Lunch